Epidemic process:

The Cost of Uncertainty in Curing Epidemics, Jessica Hoffmann, Constantine Caramanis.
Available: Arxiv

Biophysics publications:

Mechanical Role of Actin Dynamics in the Rheology of the Golgi Complex and in Golgi-Associated Trafficking Events, David Guet,  Kalpana Mandal, Mathieu Pinot,  Jessica Hoffmann, Yara Abidine, Walter Sigaut, Sabine Bardin, Kristine Schauer, Bruno Goud, and Jean-Baptiste Manneville, Current Biology, Aug 2014.
Available: PDF

Membrane Trafficking and Mechanics of the Golgi Apparatus: An in Cellulo Study by Optical Micromanipulation, David Guet,  Mathieu Pinot,  Jessica Hoffmann, Bruno Goud, and Jean-Baptiste Manneville, Biophysical Journal, Jan 2012.
Available: PDF